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We, at RK Industries, are focussed on delivering powerful, sustainable and energy efficient solutions. In order to sustain our growth, we are working towards innovative practices in our daily operations while fulfilling our socio-environmental obligations. In our pursuit, we have started working towards identifying and implementing systems and processes for ensuring a sustainable future for our organization, our people and the society as a whole.

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Solar Products

Solar Products

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment

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Snap Burn

Our Products

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solar Off Grid System

solar Off Grid System

A solar off-grid system offers independent, sustainable energy using solar panels and batteries, ideal for remote or self-sufficient living.

PLC Panel

PLC Panel

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are small industrial computers with modular components designed to automate customized control processes.

Solar Pannel / Solar battery

Solar Pannel / Solar battery

Solar Panel 3 Watts to 550 Watts. Monocrystalline Silicon / Polycrystalline SOLAR BATTERY

Mimic Panel

Mimic Panel

Mimic panel is a fire and gas purpose panel on which shows a geographical layout of the installation and equipment to represent rapid visual appraisal of any fire and gas hazard.

Why Choose Us

We Are Ready For Solar Energy, All We Need Is To Use It Well

Powerfull Strategy

Integrate a solar savings calculator and case studies to provide personalized insights and real-world success stories, showcasing the benefits and cost savings of solar energy solutions.

Certified Engineers

Powering the future with RK Industries reliable solar solutions with certified Engineers.

Save Your Money

"Partner with RK Industries to save money while embracing sustainable energy solutions. Benefit from customized energy conversion that's both cost-effective and environmentally friendly."


Consult with RK Industries for expert solar panel solutions, offering customized designs, professional installation, and ongoing support to meet your energy needs efficiently and sustainably

Work Process

We Complete Every Step Carefully


Make Appointment

We takes appointments for expert consultations and project planning.


Consultation Project

Schedule today to discuss the future process of your solar power project and see how it can benefit your home or business.


Installation System

The next step of the process is installing the solar system, where our expert team ensures a seamless and efficient setup tailored to your specific energy needs


Execution Project

This phase involves mounting the panels, connecting the inverter, and integrating the system with your electrical grid.

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What They Says About Us

"RK Industries solar panels have transformed our energy consumption. Not only are we saving on electricity bills, but we're also contributing to a greener planet. The installation was seamless, and the support team has been incredibly responsive."

    Anjali Patel


    We chose RK Industries for our commercial solar project, and it has been a fantastic experience. Their team is professional, knowledgeable, and committed to delivering high-quality products. The efficiency of the panels has exceeded our expectations."

      Rajesh Mehta

      Business Owner

      The customer service at RK Industries is top-notch. They guided us through every step of the process, from the initial consultation to the final installation. Our solar panel system is performing beautifully, and we're proud to be using clean energy.

        Nisha Desai

        Environmental Advocate

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