Electrical Equipment

Electrical range of products under the protocols of “MAKE IN INDIA” a government of India initiative to produce high quality certified goods for domestic and international markets, these high-quality products come at most economical price.

We have developed products to control and regulate Alternate Current and Direct Current voltage, which will allow the community to safeguard their appliances and white goods.

We have carefully crafted & designed to ensure that no technical glitches would occur while using the products, the products are produced by using quality and standard components.

The community can experience the amazing impact on Alternate Current and Direct Current by using the products and also experience low on power consumption.


Panel & Meters Panels are an essential component of any industry where monitoring and/or control of equipment is taking place. These are instruments that display a signal’s analog or digital value, depending on the product’s specifications


PLC Panel (Programmable Logic Controller Panel): Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are small industrial computers with modular components designed to automate customized control processes. Integrated PLC Panel can monitor any process and provide data wherever and however you need it.



Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is a compact electrical switch designed to protect electrical circuits from overcurrents and short circuits. It automatically trips (opens) when excessive current flows through it, preventing damage to wiring and appliances.


On-Load Changeover Switch is an electrical switch used to transfer power supply between two sources (usually the main power supply and an alternate source, such as a generator or an inverter). It allows seamless switching without interrupting the connected load.



Three-Phase Aircooled Voltage Stabilizer ensures stable power supply for industrial machinery. Ideal for unbalanced loads, it guards against voltage fluctuations.


Single-Phase Aircooled Voltage Stabilizer ensures stable power supply for household appliances and small-scale equipment. It guards against voltage fluctuations, providing reliable performance.

Other Electrical Equipments
  • Power Control Centres

  • Motor Control Centres

  • Electrical Panels

  • Meter Control Centres

  • Enclosure Boxes

  • MCB & Isolator

  • All types of distribution boards(DB)

  • On & Off load change over switches

  • Switch fuse and disconnector unit

  • Servo stabilisers

  • Voltage Stabilisers

  • Stabilisers for your home appliances

  • Constant voltage transformers

  • Single and three stabilisers and control panels

  • Invertors & batteries
    We can also manufacture products as per your requirements.

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